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The Inventor Promotion Agency Ltd. [original Polish name: Agencja Promocyjna INVENTOR sp. z o.o.], was established in 2008 to promote inventions and new technology. In our work, we make the most of the experience which our owners and partners have gathered in exhibiting innovative Polish products and services abroad. Projects of this kind include Polish stands which since 1991 have been set up at invention exhibitions in Brussels, Geneva, Nuremberg, Budapest, Pittsburgh, Beijing, Seoul and Casablanca.


The mission of the Inventor Agency is to provide inventors, innovative enterprises and research facilities with comprehensive support in terms of technology transfer and innovation promotion. Making use of our potential and expertise, we seek to develop an effective system to promote and launch inventions.


Our achievements so far include stands which we have arranged at exhibitions of innovation and inventions and other trade events abroad (Geneva, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Moscow) and in Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk and Katowice). Apart from organising exhibitions, we offer our customers comprehensive assistance in advertising and PR campaigns.


As part of our services, we do the following:

International Cooperation

We specialise in promoting inventions and innovative technology. We possess vast knowledge of the market for innovation and the mechanisms which govern it in Poland. Our knowledge and expertise in this department enable us to offer comprehensive consulting and assistance to foreign investors who are keen to put their ideas into practice on the Polish market.


Apart from our experience gathered at trade fairs, we are also skilled at organising and hosting after-exhibition events, conducting internet projects designed to promote Poland’s science sector, maintaining communication with the mass-media and using new technology dissipating information about inventions and innovative technology that we promote.


Our company also likes to engage in community service and charity work. In particular, we are involved in the following competitions and other projects designed to find young and talented inventors:

We strongly encourage you to work with us!

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